A Review on Saris Hitch Bike Racks


I came across the Saris T-Rax Pro 4 Rack online and thought I would go over the pros and cons.

The Saris Hitch Bike Racks have created the Saris T-Rax Pro 4, a new addition to their family of dependable racks. This is definitely, in my opinion, a rack to be trusted and used as it seems stable enough to take care of bikes with care.

The Saris T-Rax Pro 4 is able to perfectly fit up to 4 bikes in 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch hitch sizes. After attaching the Saris rack to your car it holds well in its place making you think about nothing else but the trip ahead.

The Saris bike comes with tilting arms with a simple pin removal allowing you effortless installation all the way through. Get a high quality rack for a good price. With the Saris bike rack you will not have to constantly think about your bike’s safety as this product will assure you that they will be where you locked them in during the entirety of your trip.

Installation becomes hassle free because this rack comes with a hitch mount lock. This is a rack that you can trust your bikes with and is very comfortable to use. Good bikes should not be wasted on dispensable bike racks. The Saris rack is built with an easy to remove and attach mechanism making it hassle free for your convenience. This is the bike rack for you if you are looking for a rack than can transport your bikes from one place to another with the utmost of ease.

Overall, the Saris T-Rax Pro 4 is a useful rack meant and what I think is a wise purchase and a trusted item. This if something that I would spend money on as I know that it will not go to waste.

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