2022 KTM RC 390 Real-world Road Test Review: Improved For Daily Duties


The new KTM RC 390 is a gripping bike. It had me hooked after our first date at the Bajaj check track. However, there were being nonetheless a handful of uncertainties about how effectively it could conduct in the authentic entire world. Soon after all, that was the previous RC 390’s Achilles heel, creating consumers shy absent from employing it as a day-to-day runner. So, have the alterations to make the new RC 390 more city-friendly compensated off?

Recognised Difficulty 1: Engine Overheating

The RC sequence, in particular the RC 390, was notoriously well known for becoming quick-tempered. The 390 would cook dinner up really a fuss in bumper to bumper website traffic, sending engine temperature by way of the roof and forcing the rider to make a cease. To handle this challenge, KTM opted for the curved radiator from the 390 Experience and threw in a single extra lover.

The final result is that the motor now runs far cooler. All through our metropolis gasoline runs, our fuel tester claimed that even though the radiator supporters did kick in, the temperature bar almost never shot up above the halfway mark. Agreed, ambient air temperature throughout our check runs was on the reduce facet, but the root cause of the issue was the aged motor’s reluctance to commute simply in bigger gears, which has been solved now.

It is shockingly simple to ride the RC 390 at city speeds in third or fourth equipment without having so a great deal as a whine. The motor has a solid pull from 4000rpm onward and genuinely will come into its zone publish 6000rpm.

Moreover, with the new vent style and design, hot air is diverted absent from the rider’s legs. It is not discomforting any far more, making it possible for the rider to hold their amazing even when the surroundings are chaotic.

Regarded Situation 2 – Taxing Ergonomics

Like we talked about in our to start with ride monitor review, the gains with the new rider’s triangle make it a joyful using knowledge. The identical carries ahead for commuting as perfectly. You really don’t have to reach as much to get to the bars, hence relieving you off any again or wrist aches. The seat is nicely cushioned and the grippy Alcantara-like seat texture is a neat touch.

Discovering the sweet driving location isn’t too difficult as you are not truly locked into the seat. When braking, the flatter seat profile does not press you into the tank like it applied to on the more mature bike. As well as, the flatter tank recesses aid out as effectively, making sure you can lock your knees firmly into the panels. So overall, this is really a awesome set up for the road, some thing that did not frustrate me significantly on day by day commutes.

Acknowledged Concern 3 – Imbalanced Journey Good quality


Suspension travel


130mm (10mm more)


165mm (17mm additional)

With far more suspension travel at both of those ends and revised parts, the RC 390 is far better outfitted to acquire on any street imperfection. Also, with the way you are seated, relieving a minor load off the front, putting a bit additional fat on the rear, the suspension doing work array has been enhanced. The entrance and the rear really don’t sense very as out of sync as they did on the more mature RC. The trip is significantly flatter with none of the jarring sensations expert over rumble strips or damaged stretches of tarmac.

A further bit that is strengthening the town driving working experience is the electronics offer. On dry concrete roads, the traction manage barely intervened. Abs intervention was predictable. There had been no coronary heart in mouth moments. Unfortunately, the quickshifter requires enhancement. Upshifts are glitchy, and not very responsive most periods. Downshifts are breezy while.


Identified Challenge 4 – Unpleasant Pillion Space

The older RC experienced that race cowl shaped pillion seat, which looked stunning. And nicely, that is all it was great for, not when you have a dear one sitting down driving you. With this new flatter split seat set up, KTM hopes items will strengthen.

For starters, it nonetheless requires a bit of effort to hop on to, as it continue to is on the taller facet. Having said that, once your pillion is perched onto the seat, there will not be substantially issues from their side. It is a great and upright posture, excellent more than enough for city commutes. Even this seat is effectively padded and the seat protect carries the very same texture as the rider’s. And this time all-around, the pillion has anything actual physical to get on to and not trouble the rider.

Every day Runner? Why, Sure!

The adjustments that KTM has made has experienced a positive impact on the new RC 390’s commuting abilities. It is no for a longer time a disheartening experience while using at 40kmph, or when getting a pillion on-board. It is properly-mannered and pretty experienced, some thing that we simply cannot feel we are declaring about a KTM. Nevertheless, never error it for numb or sanitised, the RC 390 can flip the craziness in a flash. And for the fun bits, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to have all the enjoyable on your own. We will be pitting it towards its main rival, the TVS Apache RR 310, before long and go touring with the two of them. Now which is likely to be a sizzling battle.

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