6 Tips to Buy a Used Car


Have you been thinking of buying a card car? If so, you are not alone. Every year, around 40 million second-hand cars are sold to new buyers. Since there are tons of choices, you will find it hard to choose the best car. Given below is a list of a […]

The History of BWIA British West Indian Airways


Of the four pure-jet Caribbean carriers-Air Aruba, Air Jamaica, ALM Antillean Airlines, and BWIA among them-the latter was both the largest and the only one to operate the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The airline’s roots stretched far-across the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, to New Zealand, at least in terms […]

8 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident


If you’ve ever been in a car accident you know it can be very scary! When it comes to dealing with insurance companies you may be giving away rights you didn’t know you had. Here are 8 things you should be doing immediately following a car accident. Emergency Medical Treatment: […]

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