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Performing the rounds amongst motorcycle lovers for the past 7 days has been a somewhat unusual equipment variously portrayed as working on drinking water or sea drinking water. This appears like the stuff of the so-termed “Free energy” fringe and absolutely not the usual Hackaday fare, but it arrives alongside pictures of a smiling teen and what appears sufficient like a real motorbike to have something at the rear of it. So what is going on? The remedy is that it is the university student venture of an Argentinian teen [Santiago Herrera], and though it is stretching it a little bit to say it operates on sea h2o he’s absolutely created a regular motorcycle run on the oxygen-hydrogen combine made from the electrolysis of water. The TikTok videos are in Spanish, but even for non-speakers it should really be pretty apparent what’s likely on.

It’s noticeable that the bike is much more of a university student demonstrator than a highway machine, as we’re not so confident a glass jar is the most secure of receptacles. But the interesting component for us lies not in the electrolysis but in the engine. it seems to be a pretty typical looking motorbike motor, a normal tiny horizontal one. It is functioning on a stoichiometric blend of oxygen and hydrogen, something that packs plenty of punch around a similar mix employing air instead than oxygen. It would be interesting to know the result of this combination on an engine made for standard gasoline, for illustration does it realize total combustion, does it melt away hotter than ordinary gas, and does it place more tension on the engine sections?

You can see one thing of the bike in the video clip down below the split, and there are a number of far more videos in his TikTok account. In the meantime this isn’t the very first teenage motorbike task we’ve highlighted.


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