Cragar Mustang Review


The Mustang is considered to be one of the most popular cars in America. It is one of the few types of cars that appeals to both younger and older generations. For more then 20 years Ford has been designing and producing various types and models that change with time and trends.

Along with producing the basic models for consumers many companies such as Saleen and Shelby have produced special edition Mustangs. These are designed with more power, better features, and a unique look. There is also only a handful of people who can afford or get their hands on one. There are many different types that are available – but today we want to show you the Cragar edition Mustang.

Ford decided to change things up with the Cragar and give it a look that could be found in some of the older classic models. It is given some of the best high performance parts including disc brakes, drilled rotor, and S/S 20×10 wheels. Underneath the hood you will find a cold air intake kit and a performance exhaust system that is able to remove excess air.

All of the components add more power to it then what can be found on the standard models. The exterior of the car has been given a large hood scoop on top of the large black hood. On the front bumper is a Boss designed chin spoiler. The interior has been given specially designed Crager shift knobs and branded floor mats.

The special edition Crager Mustang was debuted and released sometime between 2006-2007. Although the popularity for them has died down a bit Crager still offers consumers the body kit that can fit 2005-2006 models. The price for this kit is $1,989.

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