Insecurity in Nigeria – How Do We Collectively Resolve This Dilemma?



The question asked talks to collective responsibility. Therefore, as previously suggested, the first step is an acquisition of a political will. The next step will be the directive policy describing the ultimate goal or standards to be attained in clear terms. Various aspects of our social life will then be encouraged to develop goals and measurements. With the passage of time, we can review the various targets and our processes.

The vision 2010 which was later modified into Vision 2020 was such a project. However, being a singular sector initiative, it has gone the way those projects go – a waste of public funds. A project that is taken as of significance to national honor and pride has more chances of winning the active commitment of the people rather being seen as another government project or worse, another government agenda.

A case study

For instance, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided that the number of deaths that accompany the Hajj was becoming a disgrace to the fanfare surrounding an international Islamic duty. The country believed that it has an obligation to offer excellent tourist facilities to the visitors who must come to perform their religious obligations. And this included the safety of the pilgrims. For years, various committees were set up to study the issues that predispose people to losing their life during the pilgrimage in hostile weather conditions.

Over years, modifications were made to pilgrim preparation before they even arrived Saudi Arabia. Various categories of healthcare facilities were strategically positioned to improve tourist access to care in case of emergencies including easy access to frozen water, all day and throughout the month of worship. Security cameras were placed practically everywhere for security, traffic and healthcare purposes. Roads and pilgrims routes were modified within the limits permitted by the religious requirements; but most important, as billions were being spent to practically modify everything possible to make the Hajj experience more safe, every year a public account of how many lives were lost and the reasons for the losses are explained. This formed the standard for measuring the improvement made to reduce international pressure and criticism related to the pilgrimage.

The way forward

Therefore, it is not impossible for Nigeria to talk about zero tolerance to crime. If the citizens can be motivated to take it as a national challenge; we may even be able to return so much honor to policing again, such that the type of corruption that is an assumed in our country will be an issue that will have become a matter of history.

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