How to Read Minds – How to Guess a Persons Career


Many people will ask you to guess their career as a sort of test of your abilities. If this comes up, there are several things that can help you make the right guess.

First, be very observant. For men, look at their fingernails. If they have grease under their nails, that indicates a mechanic. Shake hands, without being obvious, and feel for calluses or rough hands that would indicate more manual work.

Look at a man’s tie, if he is wearing one. You can always spot a man who does not usually wear a suit. Usually his tie is not tight under the collar.

Rings are indications of married or not and men with no rings often work with machines and need to keep their rings away from them for safety.

Check out physique. Do you see muscles or not? What type of career would the physique suit?

Observe how a woman walks. Does she have good posture? Does she know how to walk in heels? More subtle make-up may indicate an executive position.

The best answer you can give, when asked to guess their career, is that the person “fixes, rehabilitates or repairs something”. This line is great in that the vast majority of jobs do actually “fix or repair something.” “I’m getting the impression that you are involved with fixing or repairing…”

Think about it. Aside from the obvious jobs, like mechanic or dentist, most jobs involve fixing something. How about a sales person? He or she repairs a company’s bottom line. Teachers? They fix a student’s ability to learn. Taxi drivers? Apart from doing minor repairs to their cabs, they have routes “fixed” in their minds. A receptionist? Maybe he or she doesn’t repair or fix anything per se but there’s a good chance their company might.

I’d say almost any job or career can be reframed as one that fixes problems or repairs something.

To get some practice with this, go over your job and the jobs of family members, friends and neighbors. How do these jobs fix or repair something?

Practice, when you are not performing, by observing everything you can and then asking people what they do for a living. You will be amazed how good you can get and you can use this in your mind reading.

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