Haro Mountain Bike


Imagine how ridiculous it would be driving a combine harvester in a formula one racing track. Well, that’s exactly how it is riding a mountain bike on paved surfaces. For crying out loud they’re designed for dirt trails, mountains and unpaved surfaces. However, Am not saying that your kid shouldn’t ride one around the neighborhood or to school. Basically when buying one, comfort and safety should be top concerns in our minds and I am assuring you it’s not easy to just walk in and choose one from the many types.

Lets take a case of Haro mountain bikes. They’re a state of the art design and technology. They come with broad and knobbier tires for perfect grip and absorption of shock, handle bars fixed with bar ends and you’ve a choice to get one with suspension for front wheels.

Like many other types, Haro mountain bikes come with 26 inches or 559 mm wheels though you can still get some with 29 inches or 622 mm wheels. They’re basically light in weight, stiff, gives a submissive ride and absorbs vibrations, stylish and have superb acceleration. No wonder, they’re popular with top riders. Simplicity in its design also makes it one of a kind and actually easy to repair.

Generally they’re available in variety of types and colors. Some of the types include; BMX Haro FIC, BMX Haro F1 and F2, BMX Back trail X1 and BMX Haro partial 16. All this bikes are available in black, orange and blue color. Interestingly, you can upgrade them to give them a stylish look or even to reduce their weight.

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