The Pros and Cons of Buying eBay Used Cars


As I am sure you already know, is a huge online marketplace. In fact, you might have used eBay to buy a few Christmas gifts, cheap clothes, affordable home décor, and more. But what about a car? Many car sellers are now turning to eBay to sell their vehicles and, in turn, buyers are paying close attention. If you have never used this online auction website to buy a car before, you might be wondering about doing so. Is it a good idea? Why don’t you keep reading on for some of the pros and cons associated with buying eBay used cars?

The Pros

Lots of cars to choose from. As previously stated, more car sellers are using this online auction website to sell their vehicles. If were you to look at the Motors section, you would see that there are around hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed for sale at any given time. While only a fraction of these vehicles are likely to be within your immediate area, there is a good chance you will find at least 10 or more cars to choose from. The larger you are located to a bigger city; the more eBay used cars you will find for sale.

The Middle

One aspect of buying eBay used cars that can serve as both a pro and a con is the price. It is well-known that this auction website charges fees. As a buyer, you won’t be charged any fees, but the sellers are. Some sellers do increase their price to makeup for all the fees they will need to pay. For that reason, you might notice some higher than normal prices. On that same note, not all sellers do this. In addition to finding some fair market value priced vehicles, you are likely to find some cheap ones as well. These might be cases where the car needs to be repaired or where the seller just wants it gone and now.

The Cons

In addition to being known for its popularity, is also known for scams. These scams have nothing to do with the website itself, but some frauds use the website to implement their scams. On that same note, always remember that other popular websites like are home to scams as well. Basically, you just need to use your best judgment. Shipping/transport is a bad idea unless you can verify that the car actually exists first. Never ever send cash via the mail. Finally, pay attention to a seller’s feedback. Generally, it is advised that you don’t buy something as expensive as a new car from a brand new seller.

As you can see, there are some pros and cons to buying eBay used cars. However, it won’t hurt to look, just be sure to keep the above mentioned points in mind.

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