These days it is way more possible to find the newest fashion trends on Instagram instead of the catwalks. The world of beauty is ruled mostly by social media. New trends appear every week. Some of them are brilliant , some of them are capable of  shocking the audience with their weirdness.For example the social platform Instagram is a very strong marketing tool that can boost any kind of trend to the top.There so many ways to promote something that can become trending.In fact it is really easy,for instance many people are buying likes on Instagram and this helps a lot in order to gain many new followers rapidly and to make their vision of fashion trending.

Many beauty experts consider that the thought of keeping up with the latest trends has totally invaded the younger generation lives’.However in this article we are going to take a look at some of the most popular trends that exist owing to Instagram.

  • Selfies with duck face. For sure everyone who has access to social networks has run across pictures ,most of them are of girls posing , and their lips are looking like duck face. Maybe this is the most popular trend that can be noticed on many celebrities’ pictures. Some of the most famous ones are Kim Kardashian , Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. In fact if we make an experiment and open 100 random girls accounts , 90 of them would have this kind of selfie for sure. Many people find this trend ugly and repulsive,no matter that it is the most popular way of capturing pictures these days.

  • Several face masks at once. In fact putting several face masks on your face might be really useful.For instance you can put a mask for shriving the pores on your nose, hydrating mask on the spots where the skin is dry and exfoliating mask to on your cheeks and forehead. It sounds like you can resolve all the skin problems at once , doesn’t it?

  • The power of makeup. In fact the power of makeup is a trending hashtag,something like a challenge that provokes girls on Instagram to upload a picture that shows their face half with make up  , half completely pure and natural. The main idea of the trend is to show the world the power of makeup. The goal has been achieved and millions of girls from all around the world upload pictures with their faces half with makeup on, the other half natural.

  • Half-long and half-short hair.  The world of fashion and catwalks has always seemed weird to many people. For example many times ,all of us have come across some fashion show on TV that presents really strange clothes , make-up and hairstyles. Lately it has been observed a trend that shows people with half-long and half-short hair.Many people find this ugly but others consider it as artwork. You can check out some images of this type hairstyle and make a final conclusion whether you like it or not.

  • If you write on the explore tab , on the hashtag section , the hashtag #marmanhair , you will run into a really weird trend. You will see pictures of men that have their hair and beard in mermaid colours and hairstyles. Some find it really cool, but others do not like this trend at all.

To stay away from the mass trends you should live on a lonely island. Fashion trends have always been and will always be something that 90% of people are pursuing badly in order to be in touch with the latest pattern.