Ola releases official riding data after high-speed accident causes multiple fractures


Ola has formally produced a statement and details about the incident squashing all the alleged claims. The incident occurred to Balwant Singh’s son late at night time. Balwant Singh accused Ola S1 Pro of staying defective and also said that the incident occurred since of a faulty regeneration technique. Even so, Ola has claimed that the accident owing to substantial-speed riding and worry braking.

Ola says that they did a thorough investigation of the incident using the info collected from the scooter. The details obviously reveals that the rider was overspeeding in the course of the night. The accident was caused when he braked in worry and misplaced handle of the scooter. Ola also claims that there is practically nothing wrong with the vehicle.

Driving at significant-velocity

Ola Electric releases data after high-speed crash: Rider was riding at 95 Kph

In accordance to the experience information shared by Ola, which is uploaded to the Ola cloud servers in serious-time, the rider was using the scooter late at evening. The graph shared by Ola scooters displays that the rider rode at substantial speeds in the Hyper mode. In the initial portion between 11:46 pm and 11:52 PM, the scooter achieved a top rated speed of 115 km/h and he travelled for 7 km.

In the next segment, the rider commenced using yet again at 11:56 PM. Hyper method and arrived at the major pace of 115 km/h. This ride continued for 4 km.

Ola Electric releases data after high-speed crash: Rider was riding at 95 Kph

In the very last portion, the rider started driving at 12:08 AM in Hyper Method. The rider achieved a major velocity of 95 km/h. AT 12:09 AM, the details shared by Ola displays that the rider applied all three brakes at the same time. There are three brakes in Ola S1 Professional – entrance brake, rear brake and the reverse throttle, which is utilized immediately. In accordance to Ola, the rider saw an obstruction and used the brake in panic, which prompted the speed of the scooter to occur down from 80 km/h to zero in 3 seconds.

The info also reveals that there was no unexpected torque or acceleration after the braking, contrary to what the buyer statements.

How did the accident happen?

In accordance to the buyer Balwant Singh, the Ola S1 Professional, his son was driving the scooter and owing to the defective technique in the scooter, it accelerated in its place of slowing down. This incident occurred just just before a velocity breaker.

Due to the unexpected acceleration, the Ola S1 Pro became airborne and threw the rider off the scooter. The crash induced numerous accidents to the rider. The rider was hospitalised in which he acquired 16 stitches on the right hand. His still left hand endured a number of fractures.

On 11th April, Ola towed the scooter for repairs and investigate the situation. Ola government Chandan Kumar called to recognize the difficulty.

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