Brandon Miller is not your typical motor vehicle enthusiast. Something about the automobiles he finds and builds just hits different. He’s crossed our internet pages ahead of with an R30 Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo from the 1980s, and a thoughts-bendingly interesting 300ZX that rocked SEMA very last calendar year from its perch in the Toyo Treadpass location. That motor vehicle, sadly, dropped a valve. Though strategies ended up established in movement to get it back again onto the highway, Miller made a decision to examine a different aspect of his enthusiasm. That is why, as an alternative of a BMW with an LS swap, or a straight-6-run Z 300ZX, we are searching at a bone stock 1980s Nissan Pathfinder.

Not that Miller can leave it by itself. No, it is not going to be modified, but relatively enhanced and refinished. It is a refreshing and intriguing improve of speed for a person who can not feel to go away fantastic sufficient by yourself on any of his vehicles. We caught up with Miller to discover out why a drained previous SUV has captured his heart, and if he’ll be tempted to make improvements to it down the street.

MT: You have been featured on our internet pages a number of times, becoming the brains at the rear of some of the most fascinating builds involving extremely modified traditional JDM sports automobiles. And now … a bone-stock U.S.-marketplace Pathfinder? Notify us how you received in this article and why this previous SUV appeals to you.

BM: It truly is very good to be again. Which is correct, I have normally modified my vehicles due to the fact the pretty beginning likely back again to 1995. Even the brand new Tacoma I acquired in 2019 only remained inventory for about 4 hrs. I really take pleasure in customizing cars and trucks and attempting to build OEM-additionally visions of how I would have needed them to arrive from the factory. 

The hunt for a pink 1987 Nissan Pathfinder SE has truly been heading on for much more than a decade. And it truly is taken two years to convince the previous proprietor to promote this 1 to me. I have fundamentally been a Nissan fanatic given that beginning. My father ordered his initially Datsun 240Z in 1971 soon after seeing Jon Morton race the BRE 46 car or truck about street Atlanta. He only owned Nissans and Porsches when I was developing up. 

Run us by some of your past builds. Do any of those people have nostalgic or emotional components, or have been they just neat vehicles?

The most noteworthy past builds would possible be the at the moment owned naturally aspirated RB I-6-swapped Nissan Z31 300ZX, the LSx 427-swapped BMW E39 528i Touring, the supercharged S62-swapped BMW E38 740i, the R30 Nissan Skyline, the at the moment owned S212 Mercedes E63 AMG wagon and the turbo M52-swapped BMW E34 525i. There have been a lot of other folks, but far lesser recognised and/or milder builds.

If I remember, there have been 35 autos less than my possession due to the fact 1995. The Z and R30 have been additional nostalgia builds but the rest are just in essence trying out all different cars that draw in me, hoping to see what I like finest. The Pathfinder is much far more nostalgic and own/psychological for me. 

Can you potentially be content trying to keep the Pathfinder stock? Any unconscious desire to, I dunno, twin-turbo it and make some form of alternate universe Bronco Raptor-fighter?

I know it really is challenging to imagine but for some reason, I just appreciate the way a stock Pathfinder SE appears to be like. Positive, I viewed as building an awesome restomod eyesight of what could be and to be straightforward, if this were being in lesser situation, I would have been open to just that. But my goal in the research in excess of this last decade has been to uncover the most first and mint specimen I could come across. When I initially saw this a single, I knew it was what I wanted. 

Having said that, the photographs I observed failed to really display the problem of the paint. When it arrived below in Virginia, I was a bit enable down. The full passenger facet was chalk pink. It looked like the clearcoat had been baked proper off from the California sunshine. And while the driver facet appeared much better, it had buffer melt away marks around the overall surface. This approach experienced finished fairly a bit of destruction to the manufacturing facility stripe. The good thing is the passenger side stripe was close to perfect. I attempted to do some hand polishing which failed to do considerably. But then I attempted a very mild soaked sanding in a couple of regions and rapidly recognized this paint could possibly just be salvageable. My great friend introduced his paint meter around and I was ecstatic to master there was very a little bit much more paint on it than I expected. This authorized another fantastic good friend of mine, who owns and operates Blackops Auto Pro, to commit an overall week carrying out a full paint correction. 

And I must acknowledge that my expectations were being far exceeded. I could not feel how rich and vivid the paint could glimpse. Recognizing that paint correction was to start with on the list, I established out to start attaining as a lot of NOS elements as I could from Nissan. The good thing is, I have a good friend who is effective the sections division at a Virginia supplier and he tracks down unusual sections for me, giving me with the PN and dealer selection. Additional usually than not, the stock is erroneous and the areas are lacking but often, I do get lucky. 

I located a new passenger side entrance fender flare, hood vents, Nissan emblem, driver aspect stripe kit, rear dome light, exterior doorway handles, entrance door window seals and reduced molding/squeegees together with some several other items. 

New BFG A/T 31″x10.5″x15″ tires were being installed alongside with new Bilstein shocks. While the OEM adjustable suspension nevertheless labored, they were just far too far long gone to maintain. With the new shocks, a new centre drag url and a contemporary alignment, this auto drives remarkably perfectly. The primary head unit was extensive gone so I did suit it with an aftermarket Blaupunkt that is styled like the ’80s product, albeit with Bluetooth. 

The only products remaining on the docket are dry ice blasting of the motor bay, chassis and wheel wells, portray the entrance and rear bumpers, and then just carrying out some insignificant cosmetics like changing the driver facet armrest, discovering a substitute sunroof go over, and changing the driver aspect seat bolster foam. The initial operator of this auto averaged fewer than 3,000 miles a year right up until he parked it for seven decades, right until 2020. The California climate saved rust at bay and I have essentially by no means found any chassis cleaner on a car or truck like this. The wheel studs and suspension bolts are even now fully cad plated with no corrosion. It truly is rather amazing and for all these good reasons, this auto need to stay as shut to stock as possible. They are only original after and it really is important to maintain automobiles like this for persons to be equipped to see and practical experience what they had been like new. 

Seems like the Pathfinder invokes robust recollections of your dad. How does it mirror who he was, his pursuits and personalities?

My history with ’87 Pathfinders is fairly sturdy. As outlined prior to, my dad has experienced a huge affect over my like for all items automotive. And currently being a Nissan dude through and by means of, which is the place my passion started. I remember obtaining Datsun 510s all about the location growing up. There were being 4 or 5 at just one time, and I have fond recollections of pretending to generate an aged empty shell in the yard. My dad traded in his 1984 Nissan 720 ST for a blue Pathfinder XE in 1987. It was a base design with no radio and no A/C but I unquestionably loved it. I will under no circumstances forget about how cool individuals rear triangle pop out windows had been to me. I genuinely never know why I was so connected other than that, but I usually liked them.

While my very first auto was an additional related case in point to 1 my father purchased new in 1987, the Nissan Maxima SE, I determined to offer that one working day when I observed a red ’87 Pathfinder SE in a neighborhood driveway. I convinced the male to promote it and I drove it from about 1997-2000. I then found one more one regionally in early-mid 2000s and convinced him to promote that as well. Don’t actually recall why I marketed it, but have very substantially preferred one more ever considering the fact that. 

Are there any certain reminiscences you want to make with the Pathfinder … maybe reliving some adventure you experienced in it as a child?

I just want to delight in it. It can be a great auto to push, albeit sluggish as hell. It will get heaps of seems to be and thumbs up. I am happy that my 9 year outdated son appears to be to like it like I utilised to and so I hope to produce some fond recollections with him. My father enjoys it, much too, and states that it really is his favorite automobile I have bought in a extensive time. 

What is the most up-to-date on the 300ZX that was a single of our highlights at the 2021 Toyo Treadpass area at SEMA very last yr?

The Z had an regrettable incident on Christmas working day of 2021. My son and I have been out for a cruise due to the fact it was 70 levels out. We were coming house from a good prolonged travel and while revving out to about 9,000 RPM, a valve in the range five cylinder dropped. I cut the auto off instantly but it was previously too late. The good thing is, I uncovered anyone who gave me a excellent deal on a factory new RB26 head and it is really presently having a milder establish with Headgames. Identical cams but stock sized valves and pocket port only. It may not make as much peak electricity but it will possible be far more enjoyment beneath typical driving circumstances.

I will will need to get new pistons produced and with a borescope, it appears that the cylinder wall can be honed. Will know far more on that when I finally pull the motor. Hoping to have it back on the highway by the conclusion of the calendar year.