Kuota K – Factor Carbon Triathlon Bike Review


Triathlon bikes are a little different from road race bikes. The most noticeable is the aero bars and wing shaped tubes but the frame geometry is different as well. The frame geometry is optimized for riding in the aerobar position to minimize wind drag. In triathlons you aren’t allowed to draft off other riders so everything about the bike is aimed at reducing aerodynamic drag. By reducing the wind drag you are going to be faster for what ever amount of power you are able to put out.

The K-Factor is the entry level carbon fiber tri bike from Kuota.The geometry will fit a broad range of people, especially those of us over 35. For a given size the head tube is a little longer than the other models in the line-up allowing for a more comfortable fit, especially for Ironman length events. Compared to the more aggressive bikes on the market, you won’t end up with a huge stack of spacers or high angle stem to get the bar high enough. As well, tubes are a little beefier so you will find a lot better durability in the long run. It’s still very light but more attention has been paid to aerodynamics. And because they aren’t pushing the weight envelope the price is quite reasonable.

This Italian designed bike looks fast, with a deep aero fork and air foil shaped frame tubes to help you slice through the wind. The rear wheel spacing is adjustable allowing you to get the wheel tucked into the frame again for smoother airflow. The seat tube and seat post have an air foil profile to further decrease drag. All of this may seem to be over kill but above 27 km per hour over 90 percent of the drag you have to over come is air.

The handling is pretty stable for a triathlon bike but it isn’t a lazy touring bike by any means. Everything about the K-Factor is built for speed. This is a bike that loves to go fast. Your power makes it to the rear wheel without loss due to frame flex. It climbs well but is best on flat to rolling terrain where the aerodynamics really come into play.

You can get it with many build kits. I would recommend getting it with a basic set of aluminum training wheels and get a set of deep carbon wheels when your budget permits. And because the Kuota K-Factor is many thousands less than a lot of the triathlon options you will have the money for your race wheels much sooner.

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