How to Find the Right Tools to Make a Best Selling Online Course?


When it comes to creating a specialized online course, one of the most underrated questions is “what are the best tools to create an online course?”

And if you are just beginning to create an online course, then this question is especially for you.

While starting a course may seem easy but without proper guidance, it will take ten times longer to create plus it will suck the life out of you.

So, how to create an online e-course the right way?

See being an entrepreneur, I have to travel from one place to another.

I remember a few years back I had a flight from Delhi to Goa, and in order to reach the airport, I booked a cab.

The flight was in the morning at 8 am & I left for the airport early.

I slept in the cab when suddenly a sound came & cab stopped.

It came from the engine, it was broke.

The driver tried hard to repair it for more than an hour but nothing worked.

I also tried to help him.

It was almost morning but cab didn’t start.

After trying everything we called a local garage & guess what?

The mechanic came & took only 15 minutes to repair it.

Why was it so easy for him?

It’s because the mechanic has the right tools for that particular problem.

Well, your online course is pretty much like that cab, you will definitely come across some problems.

It can be related to anything, it can be video problem or email or maybe finding the right format for your online course.

You must have right tools for dealing with these situations.

According to Adestra’s pulse of the automation platform, 74% marketers respond that the biggest benefit of tools is time management.

A point to remember,

Right tools can save you a lot of time & earn you a lot of money.

Without proper tools, it’ll take you ages to complete your course.

So, let’s see what are the much-needed tools to create an online course.

Step by step – Tools to create an online course.

I have seen a lot of success but things weren’t always like this.

In my early days, when I started to work on my courses, I find a lot of difficulties.

As soon as I solve one problem, I found another one standing in front of me.

You know what was the worst part?

It’s that those problems were not connected to one another, so I have to do a fresh research about every new problem.

For example, while creating videos I need a separate tool for screen recording, a different tool for sound editing & another one for video tuning.

So always remember, “Only fools rely on a single tool.”

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