Driving Your Mini Bike in the Rain


This is something good for you to know about. Driving in the rain makes the trip more tricky and hard, but not necessarily more dangerous. They are several key things to remember – right speed, know the road and lastly, proper rain maintenance on your motorcycle.

For example, you are in a good motorcycle, like the Mini bike with a High and Low Speed Compression adjustment. You are a lot safer than in another motorcycle because it has a safe grip. The grip in the wet is very good, and it would definitely be a safe vehicle to drive in the rain. It has a high-speed highway driving and wet straight through the puddles.

The Speed you travel at is probably the most important factor: Definitely slow down. Wet road mean there is fewer grips. A slower speed will minimize water running across the road. Do not stop on the road especially on the highway such as NLEX and SLEX.

If you want to stop, find a broad portion of service road or a rest area and pull over to stop there. If you stop on the road, your motorcycle becomes difficulty. Do not forget that the visibility of the other drivers become very limited. They may not see that you have stopped on the road. It is much better to slow down and look for a proper place to pull over. You have to drive a speed that you are proficient or without feeling that you are nervous. If you are worried about grip, slow down and be yourself.

The most important thing is make sure your motorcycle has proper rain maintenance, like good tires, brakes, lights, washer fluid, alignment and other essentials.

To be wise, make sure you keep the motor bike under control, and good maintenance, do not make sudden movements this will create imbalance with the motorcycle’s performance. Everything should be done easily from applying the brakes, to turning the steering and even accelerating, the wet roads limit the amount of grip and sudden rough movements may the cause the tires to loose traction. Be safe, drive smoothly, within your limits and within the motorcycle limits and do not go ahead of the comfortable speed of the motorcycle.

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