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One of the most talked about Network Marketing Experts in the MLM industry is Brig Hart. He is a top earner in Monavie. What is Brig’s secret to success?

First and foremost Brig Hart is a great leader and great example in the MLM industry. He has created a fabulous organization. He is certainly one of the top MLM marketers in history. Anyone connected with him would be proud to have him as a sponsor. Everyone in his organization should be excited to have him as a leader.

Who is Brig Hart?

Brig Hart has easily made a name for himself in the MLM industry. Brig did very well retailing and signing up business builders. Brig is a great motivational speaker and knows exactly how to build a business. Brig is now a top distributor for Monavie. Most people link Brig Hart to Monavie like they are connected at the hip.

Is he for real?

Yes, he is real. He is not a scammer. He is not in it just for himself. He has built his business with integrity and a strong work ethic. Brig built a large downline Monavie. Many people look up to him for guidance, help, leadership, and his proven system to sign up reps for Monavie.

Is Brig Hart with the best company?

There are lots of great companies and Brig is with the best one for him. However, in the Internet age of MLM’s there are many cutting edge companies and compensation plans available but only one new generation linear plan. Compensation plans have favored top producers and company owners since their inception. Until the new generation linear plan emerged they all seemed to follow the same profile. Now that an one legged plan is available, many Internet aware members will look to compare this with all company plans including the company that Brig Hart chose.

Did Brig Hart choose the wrong company compensation plan?

If you look at his results, he made the right choice for him. But what if he had chosen a different MLM compensation plan. Imagine how much more profitable he could have become if he had a one leg MLM compensation plan. Imagine everyone in his entire organization being in one giant leg and he could have gotten royalties off the entire Monavie business.

Imagine how many of his leaders could have gone much greater heights if Brig Hart had been able to place all of them in the same leg. They would all be able to help each other. They would all be able to share in the same volume. Imagine how many people that have quit and left for other ventures could have been profitable if thousands of people were placed for them in one big leg.

Everyone has to determine for them what they are good at. Most have no idea how to build a large organization. Most people do not want to talk to all their friends. They don’t want to call their family. They hate to do meetings much less attend them. They really don’t want to buy all the training materials. Most just want a chance to be in a position to win.

If major leaders could be in a structure where they can still help themselves but help everyone else at the same time, it would the perfect win-win for all.

Should You Partner Up With Brig Hart?

The answer to that question ultimately is up to you. It depends on what your goals are, your level of commitment, and if you are extremely coachable. Everyone who partners up with Brig Hart, or any top earner for that matter, has the same chance of success as Brig Hart and others like him.

However, not all will have the same level of success as Brig Hart. He connected with a company that was on the cutting edge at the time and was able to work it properly. But now times have changed and company strategies change. What was possible just months ago (not to mention years) has changed dramatically on the Internet.

There seems to be this perception in MLM that “if I link up with a heavy hitter, then there is no way I can fail and maybe the heavy hitter will build my downline.” That is certainly not the case in the Internet age. MLM companies come and go quickly.

The Internet has changed all the rules.

Your success lies, well it depends on you. While Brig Hart is a good mentor and leader, be in the right frame of mind before linking up with him and make sure if you do decide to work with him, to do exactly what Brig tells you. After all, he is successful.

What is Brig Hart’s Secret To Success?

Brig Hart is an excellent speaker; however his real secret to success is that he has a system tailored to his structure. Brig Hart has been in MLM for a while. Brig Hart knew exactly what it took to build his business especially in the old school world where there was no such thing as the Internet.

Whether Brig Hart did house parties, hotel meetings, passing out DVDs, or walking up to strangers in shopping malls, he did whatever was necessary to build a massive downline. He took the no’s with the yes’s and kept on striding.

Brig Hart has a system in place for himself and his business partners. Most people fail in MLM because they don’t have a system and the right structure. When you buy your way into a MLM, you get everything and you get a road map on how to build your business. But is the road map up to date for the 21st Century?

Brig Hart has built his business using his way of network marketing. Most people find the fear of rejection draining and depressing by following the old school marketing methods.

If you want to learn exactly how to sponsor 25-50 people per month into a MLM on autopilot using the Internet, then the right structure and design of the MLM is critical. Check out those Internet businesses that rely on the future of Internet sponsoring.

At least check out the new generation one leg compensation plan and position yourself to win in the Internet age. You could be the next Top Internet Network Marketer to explode their MLM organization.

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