Bike Review – Time Edge Racer Carbon Road Bike


Time has been making carbon fiber bicycles for a long time. In that time they have gotten really good. Known for their pro bikes that have seen so much success in the Classics, the Edge Racer is the result of trickle down technology. Many of the same features of the top end bikes such as the carbon molding, the self locking headset system and re-enforced fork were all first on the top models. The Edge Racer is second from the bottom of there line, but at $3000 for the frame and fork, it isn’t an entry level bike by any means.

Unlike most companies that use pre-made carbon fabric, Time weaves carbon thread into seamless tubes for optimal strength and weight. This process necessitates lugged construction which give the bike the feel of an classic steel road bike. Unlike a steel bike, the Edge Racer is stiff at the bottom bracket and very light. Because the tubing diameter is smaller than a lot of bikes of the same weight, the tubes are thicker and therefore more resistant to impacts such as stone chips and

I’ve been riding the Edge Racer for about 8 months now. I have it built up with SRAM Rival components, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels, FSA Kforce seatpost and Selle Italia SLR XC saddle. Built up this way it is 17.54 lbs with pedals. With carbon wheels and an upgrades to bars, cranks and stem, it would be under 16 pounds.

The Time Edge Racer is an all round road race bike that is at home in both crits and longer road races. The Edge Racer isn’t as stiff as some over sized carbon frames but it’s stiff enough that I don’t notice any flex during sprints and hill climbs. What I do notice is how smooth the ride is while not limiting speed. The handling is fast without getting twitchy at speed. I’ve taken down hill corners at over 70 kph, and felt rock solid. This bike has taken dirt roads and rail trails, which are conditions most people would subject a bike like to, without an issue.

I’ve owned a number of road bikes over the years and find the Time Edge Racer to be among the best balanced. My riding can be a fast group ride on Wednesday and then a century on the weekend so I need a machine that can handle different demands well. If I was only racing, I would look for a more aerodynamic frame but for all round use the Time Edge Racer is hard to beat.

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