A List of Upcoming New Cars from Different Brands in 2021



It’s a new year, and we all know what the turn of a new year implies for the car industry. It means we get to see what many of these brands have been cooking up and have scheduled to place in the automobile industry.

There will be new wheels equipped with better technology than what we saw in cars from the previous year. An overall improvement in driving experience and new shiny accessories that will come shipped with the cars.

Now, it is understandable if you are opposed to the idea of purchasing a new car, because as much as we love to see the latest designs and shiny new gadget the cars come with, it would be responsible to bear in mind that there would be a shortage of parts for these cars. While this is a genuine reason to stay off the latest brands, it isn’t enough to deny yourself the joy of owning the newest cars around. If you need help finding auto parts, you can always look to review platforms like uk.collected.reviews to read reviews about auto parts to know who sells the best and stocks up on parts for the latest out there.

List of Cars You Should Look Out For in 2021

Below are cars we think you will not be able to get your mind off this year:

1.      2021 Alfa Romeo Sports Car

The famous sports car maker could drop another beauty this year. The base model is expected to use the same 280-horsepower four-cylinder engine expected to sit in the Giulia GTV Coupe that was reportedly canceled. It commands a substantial fee too; the car could cost an estimated price of $50000.

2.      2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC

In 2019, we saw Mercedes launch their first EQC concept in 2019 and unveil plans for an electric crossover set for 2020. However, as was the theme of almost everything scheduled for the previous year, there were delays, which saw it pushed over to this year, 2021. The car will have an engine output of 402 horsepower flowing from the 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. This enormous horsepower and that battery pack tell us it is a vehicle poised to offer a good range. A range that may rival top-class Tesla models. Electric cars are expensive, and this beauty could go for an estimated $75000 fee.

3.      2021 Audi Q1

Is it a year if there is no Audi car release? Audi has decided not to be left out of the party by these other big brands. The Q1, a smaller crossover slightly beneath the Q2, will be released sometime this year. Expect this car to ride on the MQB platform family, just the European A1 Sportback. There is no official word on the price or its performance yet, but we expect this vehicle to be within the price range of $30000.

Several vehicles are coming out this year that would whet your automobile appetite. Do not let worries over auto parts keep you from adding them to your collection if you can.

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