Electric Car Conversion Kit – Turn Your Gasoline Powered Vehicle Into an Electric Transporter


Gas prices are constantly rising through the roof. Getting from point A to B is getting more and more expensive. There are people around the globe who are looking for a cheaper alternative way of travelling, whether it’d be from downsizing to a smaller car, or taking other methods of travel such as public transport. Many people are starting to consider an Electric Car conversion Kit Do-It-Yourself, turning their vehicles into a machine runs on volts.

Brand new electric cars sold from leading car manufacturers can be quite expensive to purchase. Getting a mechanic to install an DC motor into a gasoline vehicle can also be quite expensive, setting you back roughly 3000-5000 dollars.

The best and most wise thing to do is to follow a well structured detailed manual that show’s how everything is connected and run. Going down this road of personally converting your vehicle to an electric car is a much cheaper and better alternative. Now I know what you might be thinking, “I don’t have a mechanical mind to alter my vehicle”. The whole process of converting your car is easier than it sounds.

By building and converting your vehicle to run on electricity, you will:

– Save thousands of dollars a year
– Receive incentives from your government for driving an environmentally-friendly car
– Eliminate nasty fumes and protect the environment
– More torque and responsive engine
– More mileage for the money you pay

In order to successfully convert your vehicle to run on electricity, you only need roughly 300 dollars to acquire all the parts and install it yourself. However, you need a thorough, detailed step-by-step program to implement the system. To successfully install an electric car conversion kit into your car isn’t hard at all. All you need is a good set of tools, a work partner and patience.

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