Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 Review [Dirt-Ready Dual-Sport Tires]


Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 Review: ISDE Tire

We are wary when we see “FIM-approved” on an off-highway tire. More than the many years, we have usually discovered them wanting for riders, even if environmentalists believe they are hunky-dory. Having said that, the Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 has adjusted our minds. Possibly the Team United states understood something when it chosen the EN91 for the 2019 Global 6 Days Enduro and went on to acquire.Retain in mind that the Dunlop EN91 is not necessarily bought as a objective-designed off-highway tire. It’s DOT-legal—a boon to these who never like the notion of installing a tire that may possibly get them a ticket when functioning on the road. When we changed the 2022 Husqvarna FE 350s’s stock experience-model tires, which are only there to help pass DOT audio regulations, we wished to stay on the ideal facet of the law and mounted a pair of EN91s on to the Husky twin-activity bicycle.We went with the narrower 120/90 x 18 in the rear—there’s only a single entrance, a 90/90 x 21. To keep items in the loved ones, we made use of Dunlop Major Duty MX tubes. For riders who want a much larger rear footprint, there’s a 140 rear, also.Dunlop describes the EN91 as a “hard terrain” tire. Nonetheless, we utilised it on every thing from pavement to sand—it’s a twin-sport tire, soon after all. The EN91 works by using Dunlop’s “Block-In-A-Block” engineering on aspect knobs, which we’ve experienced fantastic luck with on pure off-street Dunlops, such as the Geomax AT81 and MX33.While the Geomax EN91 has the essential shallow 15mm knobs, as the FIM involves, the extensively spaced knobs glimpse significantly much more like a dirt bicycle tire than the usual twin-sport tire, together with Dunlop’s venerable D606, which has one particular-third taller knobs that are extra carefully spaced.It did not acquire extensive for us to be offered on the Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 tires in the grime. Immediately after a couple miles to build familiarity, we commenced pushing the EN91’s boundaries. Impressively, the EN91 responded confidently, supplying exceptional feedback and absolutely predictable manners.Hillclimbs in California can be mixed affairs, with loose stones, rock ledges, hardpack, comfortable dust, and sand all on the exact same incline—a obstacle for any rear tire. The EN91 instantly sent confidence, as it appeared unperturbed by transforming traction conditions. Sure, we have been on the splendidly easy Husqvarna FE 350s, which aids. Still, the EN91 usually responded as anticipated.The facet knobs ended up set beneath weighty scrutiny, as we hugged the from time to time-tough/sometime-smooth cambered sides of the hill. The entrance and rear EN91s cling tenaciously to the side, although letting the regularly modulated throttling essential to assertively roar to the top rated of the mountain.The rear EN91 has anything Dunlop calls Tilt Crown Block technological innovation. Basically, it signifies that each individual row has various knob angles. According to Dunlop, if one angle is not quite suitable for a certain problem, yet another knob will choose up the slack, specially in rocky terrain. Provided the rear EN91’s rocky hillclimb performances, we’re tough-pressed to dispute this claim. Dunlop promises this tread sample works for mud. However, it is the wrong time of the calendar year for us to be tests that.The entrance Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 is a sticky style and design. In cases when we imagined we were being likely to drop the entrance conclude, the EN91 responded with uninterrupted traction. It is unconcerned with the kind of terrain, usually resisting washing out. The sidewall traction is especially remarkable—Block-In-A-Block isn’t just adspeak, as it operates, even with shorter knobs.Transitions are managed quite conveniently at both ends. Once again, in Southern California, problems can adjust immediately, so an adaptable tire is vital. The EN91 acclimates seamlessly to changes, earning it easier to concentrate on the work at hand, somewhat than be overly worried with the action of the rubber.Braking is predictable with the EN91s, with the entrance tire doing extra than its share of the stress. The rear can slide when essential, with no any surprises.With the shorter knobs, we expected it to be a little bit less difficult to steer with the rear tire on twin-activity-friendly smoother dust roadways. However, we had to be much more aggressive than predicted with the Husqvarna FE 350s’s throttle to get the backend out on exits. Once more, some of that is owing to the smooth character of the DOHC powerplant. We assume that a 500 will mild up a 140 rear a little bit a lot easier.On the pavement, the Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 is as great as you can assume from these a legit knobby. The shorter knobs have a lot of poise in corners, as both equally the front and rear EN91s offer beneficial feed-back. Once more, braking is predictable, and neither tire slid on the pavement, even throughout an unexpected emergency braking.In a single occasion that snuck up on us, we didn’t pass up our switch onto Angeles National Forest’s 6N07—a notably prolonged, rocky uphill road from Bouquet Canyon that the EN91s handles fantastically. A number of hits on sharp rocks had us crossing our fingers, but the Dunlop tubes always held air—whew!We haven’t place adequate miles on the EN91s on the pavement to evaluate put on, although they aren’t definitely a tire you’ll want if you intend to put a lot of highway mileage on them—go with the D606 for that.We have been completely pleasantly shocked with the EN91. Previous FIM-permitted tires have left us seeking additional, but these tires shipped in the dust through a broad array of encounters. We would nonetheless stick with a function-developed off-road tire for dust performance if we weren’t anxious about the gendarmes. On the other hand, if we ought to be legal, the Dunlop Geomax Enduro EN91 doesn’t leave us feeling like we’re giving a large amount up on a twin-sport bike.

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