How to Protect and Maintain Your Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is considered prime material for making garage doors despite it’s more vulnerable to wet conditions.

But due to harsh weather conditions more people prefer metallic doors 

These doors have since made their place in the market. Though metallic doors are very reliable and long-lasting, wood still has its advantages. 

One of the most significant benefits is the increased customization with wood. 

No other material can give that much customization which wood gives and create a perfectly harmonized door that not only matches your home exterior but also enhances the looks of your house.


First of all, you should know that wooden doors require regular maintenance, and without this maintenance, their life becomes almost half. 

These maintenance tasks are not very tough to implement, and you can do all of these on your own without spending any money.

You need to have the proper tools and knowledge that can help you open and close all the necessary parts of your door. 

But if you are not confident in your maintenance ability, you can hire a garage door service company such as A1 Garage Door. 

Their garage door service in Rio Rancho includes a 24-hour repair, weather stripping, and insulation.  They also do these services in their multiple locations across different states. 


Along with maintenance, you also need to do something to bear the harsh effects of weather which can be done through insulation. 

Insulation gives you a double advantage as it protects your door from harmful weather conditions and saves you some of your energy. 

Most of the garages are attached to living areas. When winter comes, an uninsulated garage door can make the internal temperature unstable. 

This instability in temperature will consume more energy to stabilize it. At the same time, with an insulated garage door, this … Read the rest